Below are a few of the projects we have been gifted the opportunity of undertaking from all around the United States.

Bottles, Decanters & Drinkware

Our Process:

Any person can gift a bottle or cup off the shelf, only few are able to customize an engraved piece for a special person.

Challenge Coins, Medals & Medallions

Connected to hundreds of manufacturers across the US, we are able to design and create the perfect coin or medal for your company or organization.

Crystal, Glass & Acrylic

Le's Engravers, Inc. holds the pride of deeply engraving our crystals, glasses, and acrylics by sandblasting for the clearest & sharpest image and text.

Custom Plaques, Frames & Shadowboxes

Since 1983, our business was and continues to be built upon our specialization of custom plaques.

Guns, Knives, Tools & Equipment

Have a handy person in mind? Personalizing their equipment is in our arsenal of work.

Jewelry, Pens & Watches

Rest assured that fashion and fine jewelry are in our showcase of services.

Leather Items & Accessories

With wear and tear, our engravings last as long and age as well as high quality leather.


Stick with the classics and engrave or photo etch on aluminum, steel, brass, pewter, silver, gold, zinc, and many more materials.

Solid & Finished Wood

Engrave directly on wood and darken the engraving or fill with color to maximize visibility.

Stone & Ceramic

Engrave on marble, granite, brick, ceramic, and other stones with ease with our new 100W fiber laser.

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